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Fees, Invoices and Documents

In this section of the FoodTrader User Guide you can access guidance on the following:

Fees and Invoices

Fees and invoices may be issued to your FoodTrader portal by your registering council or (where applicable) other local councils.

Outstanding fees relating to your registration/notification may be displayed on your FoodTrader portal Overview screen in the Outstanding Fees tile.

A list of Outstanding Fees can also be viewed by selecting the Outstanding Fees menu item.

Viewing invoices

If an invoice has been issued to you, an Invoice icon will display in the far-right column of the outstanding fee record. Select the icon to download the invoice and save it to your files.

Paying fees

If the fee issuing council permits online payment an Online payment icon will appear next to the fee record.

Select the Online payment icon to open the online payment facility.

Where a fee issuing council does not allow online payment, you will need to contact the council for alternative methods of payment.

This information can often be found on a council’s website.


A list of your documents (certificates and invoices) is displayed when you select Documents from the menu items of your FoodTrader portal.

Once opened, all documents can be saved, printed and/or emailed as required.